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$3000 Rebate on Mini Split and Heat Pump Central Air for California Residence

TECH Clean California is a program available statewide as of December 7, 2021. The program gives enrolled HVAC contractors up to $3000 rebate on a heat pump system. This includes: ductless mini split and central air heat pumps.



D-Air Conditioning is committed to making ductless mini split heat pumps affordable for our customers. With this commitment, we will be passing the savings to you. Yes, this means that you can get up to $3000 off your heat pump project. If you have been thinking about upgrading your HVAC system or want to take advantage of the latest heatpump mini split technology, right now is the best opportunity to make this summer's heat wave more bearable.

Since many mini splits cost around $3000, you can get a brand new Japanese system for around $1000, which covers cost of permitting, testing, and processing. This includes top tier brands such as Fujitsu, Daikin, or Mitsubishi. Products known for their long-term reliability and durability. That is right, we are giving you the best products on the market. Not a no name brand or cheap quality products.

As part of this program, your project will be fully permitted, inspected, and installed by the best technicians in the business. You can learn more about our installation standard and the D-Air difference.

This is an unbelievable offer because if you were to buy the equipment and material yourself, it would cost you around $1500 to $2000 and this does not account for installation. With this offer, you can get the best mini split product professionally installed for as little as $1000 all in.



This program is available for all single family homes that currently use natural gas as the primary heating source. There are a few restrictions based on zip code so check with our office to verify your qualification. Residences in Long Beach, Catalina Island, and Palo Alto do not qualify for this program.



Multifamily projects are eligible for a flat rate anywhere in TECH Clean California territory. The rate for multi-family depends on a few more factors and most multi-family can qualify for a rebate of $500 to $2000.



This program will only last as long as there is state funding. When the funds run out, the program will end so don't delay. 

At D-Air Conditioning Co., we specialize in ductless mini splits and heat pump systems. Our team can help you through the project and we will do all the steps necessary to claim this incentive including: 1) obtaining the permit, 2) professionally installing the system, and 3) filing all the necessary paperwork for the rebate.

You are able to get the full benefits of the program with little additional work on your end. We have an office in San Jose which can assist with all projects in Northern California. We have three locations in Orange County which can assist with projects in Southern California.

Visit our Norcal Retail Store: 730 Story Rd #3 San Jose, CA 95122

Call us at: (408) 326-2151

Visit our Socal Retail Store: 9020 Bolsa Ave Westminster, California 92683

Call us at: (714) 622-5201

Email: sales@d-airconditioning.com


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