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How a Furnace Works

Enjoy exceptional comfort with Precise Comfort® technology.

A single-stage furnace with Precise Comfort® technology from Lennox® is an innovative way to maintain energy efficiency and maximize your home’s comfort. Precise Comfort® technology allows your furnace to adjust its heat output to any point between 35% and 100% of its maximum capacity. Highly responsive to your home’s heating needs, when your home requires a small amount of heat to maintain a set temperature, the furnace uses a small flame and very low air speed to gently circulate a small amount of warm air through your home. But when substantial heating is needed, the furnace responds with a larger, hotter flame and higher air speed. A Lennox precise comfort furnace is also useful during warmer weather, as it helps reduce humidity levels and circulate a continuous flow of filtered air in your home. Technologically advanced and energy efficient, a furnace with Precise Comfort® technology provides just the kind on innovation you’d expect from Lennox, so you can enjoy cleaner air and greater comfort all year long.

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