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Guide to Choosing The Right Ductless Mini Split for Your Home or Office

Over the last 10 years, the D Air Conditioning Company has been very fortunate to work some of the best ductless mini split brands in the world. We currently carry products from:

1) American Standard

2) Carrier - Toshiba

3) Daikin

4) D Air

5) Fujitsu

6) Friedrich

7) Lennox

8) LG

9) Samsung

10) Trane 

With such a selection of exceptional products, our customers always ask us how to choose the best product for their home or office. Over the years we have developed and honed our guide for selecting the right products to fit your needs. To pick the "right" ductless mini split air conditioner, we ask our customers to consider the following factors:

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency for a ductless mini split is measured by the unit SEER or EER. Similar to measuring the fuel efficiency of your car (MPG) the higher the SEER or EER rating the more efficient the ductless mini split will be at heating and cooling your room. Most ductless mini splits come with SEER ratings between 16 and 22. There are some highly efficient models with up to 27 SEER. Typically the energy savings potential diminishes as you approach SEER rating greater than 22 because the additional cost of the product will outweigh any savings that you will have in the long run. As a rule of thumb, a 16 SEER 9000 BTU ductless mini split unit will cost approximately $20 in electricity each month. A 22 SEER model may cost you only $16 per month.

Noise Level

The second factor to consider is the noise level. Both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit come with an independently tested and verified data on the noise level measured in Decibel (Db). The lower the decibel, the quieter the units are. For people who are sensitive to noise, a low decibel rated unit can mean the difference between a calm night of sleep and a turbulent one. Many mini split models have a feature called "sleep mode" that operates the unit at a much quieter noise level than the normal operation. 


It is no surprise that how the product looks in your home or office is just as important as how it performs. Each person will have their own preferred style and the indoor decor may influence your purchasing decision. 

Air Filtering Capabilities

Most mini split systems come with advance air filtering and pollen removal systems. Some products are specially designed to remove odor, allergens, bacteria, and other particles from the air. Depending upon important and how sensitive you are to indoor allergens, you may choose a model that has more or less air filtration technology. 

Manufacturer Warranty

Most manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty of the equipment and a 10 year warranty on the compressor. Daikin is the exception in the industry and offers a 10 year warranty on the equipment and the compressor. If having an extended warranty is important for you, then you should go with Daikin. Otherwise, all the other major manufacturer will offer the level of coverage. Ductless mini splits have an operating lifetime of between 10 to 15 years. During the operating lifetime, it is very unlikely that the product will breakdown.

Extra Features

Ductless mini splits are becoming more advanced with a number of smart features and app integration solutions. There will be many features that you would want and features that you won't care for. It is important to look at the extra feature sets to distinguish which features will ultimately improve your indoor quality of life.

Which Model is Right For Me?

In the above section, I have outlined out a heuristic for helping customers choose the right ductless mini split for their situation. Depending upon which factors are more important to you and your personal preference, you may choose any of our excellent selection of products. The ultimate decision is up to you. All the products that we carry are top of the line and from highly reputable companies. If you have any questions, we are always here to help so don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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