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Why Go Ductless?

Reduce Your Heating & Cooling Bill

Ductless mini split air conditioners are the most energy efficient heating and cooling system currently available. As compared to other heating systems, the cost of operation of these units are the least in the United States. For example, the heating cost of 1 million BTU is $10.34 for a ductless system vs. $19.37 for a natural gas furnace. 


Saving money on your heating and cooling bill means that you will keep more money in your wallet. On average, a single family home spends $2,200 each year on their energy bill. 64% of their energy expenses come from their heating and air conditioning systems. By cutting this amount by 50%, you can save $700 each year.

For a 10 to 15 year life span of a ductless mini split, you can expect to save $7,000 to $10,000 on your electrical bill alone. Given that a ductless mini split will cost between $2000 and $3500, you can expect to recoup your investment in just 5 years.  


Easy Installation

Ductless systems do not require expensive and invasive ductwork, allowing you to retain the original aesthetic of your room. A ductless installation is hassle-free and can be completed within 1 to 2 days. 

Both Heating & Cooling in One Unit

Ductless mini split systems can both heat and cool your home. In the summer, the air conditioning mode allows you to keep your family nice and cool. In the winter, the heat pump releases warm air. The ability to both heat and cool your home means that one unit can be used to keep you comfortable all year long.

Flexible Heating & Cooling Controls

Each ductless mini split services one room in your house. At any time, you can turn on and off the units using a remote control. The flexibility of this set allow you to: (1) set different temperatures for different rooms and (2) to only use energy to heat and cool the room that you are in. In many single family homes, occupancies typically only reside in 1 or 2 rooms at a time. And therefore it makes to sense to only turn on the AC in those rooms as oppose to the entire house.

Humidity Control

In addition to heating and cooling, the D Air ductless mini splits allows for humidity control. On warm humid days, the units can remove the moisture from the atmosphere and keep your in-door climate nice and comfortable.

Air Circulation and Air Filtering

The ductless mini split units feature advance air filtering and allergen removal capabilities. The units circulates the air in your room and removes dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Whisper Quiet

Ductless mini splits are whisper quiet. Unlike other loud air conditioners, you will be able to easy sleep through the night with these units. The sleep mode is also available for an even more quiet experience.

Quality Guarantee

We offer some of the best warranty in the industry. The D Air ductless mini split comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty. We also back all of our installation with a 1 year labor and parts warranty. Within the first year of installation if there is ever a problem with your system, we will fix it for free. We stand behind our services. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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