Multi-family Homes – d-airconditioning
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Multi-family Homes

We engage in a number of multi family projects, mix use projects, student housing, and senior living centers. As a multi-family and multi-tenant space, the heating and cooling comfort for each user is very important.

With the ductless VRF / VRV systems we can provide direct heating and cooling comfort. Each tenant can set a temperature for his or her own needs. Our heat recovery systems allow energy to be conserved between the different units.

Ductless technology is more efficient, faster to install, and easier to maintain than traditional ducted central air systems.

We work with the top VRF brands including LG, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Samsung. We are knowledgeable in all ductless and ducted mini split technologies and can help advise you on the most economical and efficient system for your project. Our hands on approach helps design and construction a solution that best fits your project's needs.

Our team is trained in Lean Construction methods such as the Last Planner System, Target Value Design, and Choosing By Advantages. Our goal with LC is to increase value generation, reduce waste, and improve coordination.