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The D-Air Difference

We’re genuinely happy that you’re considering D-Air for your new system purchase and installation – or for repairs to your current system. Day in and day out, our customers tell us how much they love their new heating & AC systems – along with “that certain something” that makes doing business with us truly special. We’re honored to earn their trust. And “that certain something?” We call it ‘The D-Air Difference’:

High-Quality Products and Installation

To make sure you’re getting the best products on the market, we start by sourcing the best, most-reliable HVAC brands. For ductless mini-splits, we carry the top-12 best brands in the world including: Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, Friedrich, D Air, Samsung, and LG. For central air conditioning, we work primarily with Lennox, Goodman, and Carrier; companies known for their legendary quality and innovation. For comfort and reliability, our installation is second-to-none. And for your peace of mind, we’re certified, licensed, and bonded. 

Every D-Air installation follows a rigorous, standardized, and proven process. We install thousands of units each year and continuously improve after each project. Over the last 10 years, we have tested our installation process and highly durable finishes to make sure that final result is built for longevity. A well installed system can last 10 to 20 years.

Your house is one of your most prized and important investment. We take care of your house as if it was our own. We ensure that every installation is meticulously inspected, cleanly finished, and built to last. You can see pictures of our past installation projects on Instagram. The D Air standard installation process is the highest quality and most aesthetic in the industry. For many homes or condos without air conditioning, having a well installed name brand system can add more value to the property than its cost.


Our acclaimed, quality installation includes a long list of details that you may never see – but makes a big difference. For example, we cover all of our electrical lines with metal conduits. We use high quality speaker-grade wires (the same wires used for high end sound systems) which are more durable and reliable than standard electrical wires. We even custom-bend our metal conduits and add corner details for cleaner aesthetics and higher performance.


And, for added safety and easy maintenance and servicing, we brace all of our units onto a pad – with units connected to an electrical disconnect, allowing for power to be shut off for easy access by our installation and repair teams. Plus, all of our electrical and refrigerant lines are covered with attractive and durable protective materials. We use the best quality materials and don't skimp on the finishing details. 

Brazing Vs. Flare Copper Connections

If you’re the kind of customer who enjoys learning about the technical aspects of things, you’re going to love this: All of our installations use a ‘braze connection’ for the copper line-sets. Most companies? They just use a standard ‘flare connection.’ “So, what’s the big difference, you ask?” This: Our custom braze connection requires a higher level of skill and – quite frankly – takes longer. (The standard flare connection is easier to do, but it can lead to refrigerant leaks – potentially hazardous and always bad for the environment. Plus, if your refrigerant leaks, you’ll end up having to pay more money to have it refilled, year after year.)


1) Flare Connection ( The easy and most common method)         2) Braze Connection ( The D-Air way, harder to do but more reliable)

We believe in giving our customers the highest level of service and we’re always willing to go ‘the extra mile’ to ensure that all of our installation projects meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and durability. Although it takes us (a little) longer to perform a custom brazing connection, we do so because we know that it will save our customers money in the long run. 

Our Business Philosophy

We’re ‘Customer Centric’  - We exist to serve our new and loyal repeat customers. Our success is built on quality products, quality service, and quality relationships. D-Air’s mission is helping customers get the best products and services available – always at reasonable prices.  

We Build Meaningful, Long-Lasting Relationships - We’re in business for the long run. Our business philosophy is to build, nurture, and maintain the relationships that we have with our clients, suppliers, employees, and community. Our ultimate goal is to build a meaningful experience with everyone that we do business with. We’re more than just your trusted AC pros. We’re your neighbor, so we regularly sponsor charities and events for the betterment of the California communities we serve. 

We’re Innovators - We always strive to do and be the best…to be unique (for all the right reasons), by embracing the newest, most cutting-edge technologies and advanced team training – along with a willingness to try new products and materials that set us apart from the industry norm. Your comfort and energy savings are our #1 priority. At D-Air, it’s all about you. Just like our three retail showrooms in Orange County, our innovative installation processes, and our neighbor-to-neighbor way of doing business.

We Pursue Perfection (with the Human Touch)  - ‘The D-Air Difference?’ It’s that above all else, we are a learning organization and always look for ways to make our products and services the best they can be. We continuously reflect on our business and customer interactions and find ways to get a little better each and every day. We focus on the small details that provide greater value and delight to you, our valued customers.