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Daikin Emura Review - One of the most popular multizone high wall mini split

The Daikin Emura is the one of the most popular and feature rich multizone high wall mini split on the market. This mini split has a modern design, a unique profile when in operation, and colored lamps which indicates the mode that it is in. In this blog post, we will go over the key features of this unit and help you make a more informed purchasing decision.



1) Energy Efficiency

High efficiencies with up to 18 SEER, up to 10.0 HSPF, up to 11.0 EER

2) Operating Temperature

Cooling Range 50° - 115° F 

Heating Range 5° - 65° F

3) Noise Level

Indoor Sound Pressure as low as 19 dB(A)

Outdoor Sound Pressure as Low as 46 dB(A)

4) Air Filtration

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying Filter

5) Anti Corrosion Coating

This system includes a Blue Fin Protection and Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger. This means that the system is suitable for ocean climates and salty air.

6) Warranty

12 Year manufacturer warranty

7) Controls

This system comes standard with a remote control. There is an option to add on the Daikin Comfort App – Easily control your system from anywhere in the world or the comfort of your living room. DAIKIN ONE+ Smart Thermostat The first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications with Daikin HVAC systems.


8) 2-Area Intelligent Eye and 3-D Airflow

2-Area Intelligent Eye. The two-area intelligent eye sensor controls comfort in two ways. If the room is empty for 20 minutes, it changes the set-point to start saving energy. As soon as someone enters the room, it immediately returns to the original setting. The intelligent eye also directs airflow away from people in the room to avoid cold drafts.

To ensure a harmonized temperature throughout the room, the Daikin EMURA 3D air flow system combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing creating an even distribution of air throughout the room to the corners of even large spaces.


The Daikin Emura is one of the most popular high wall units and for good reason. This extremely elegant looking system has great energy efficiency, excellent air filtration capabilities, and smart sensor technology. It has all the bells and whistles possible and then some more. You can use the remote control or the WIFI enabled app or the Daikin 1 wired controller.

All of the features that you could ever want and more are included in this product. This is on the more premium side of the market. The overall price is well worth the performance specifications and the 12 year manufacturer warranty on this product means that you will have peace of mind for the next decade as your ductless mini split provides precise heating and cooling comfort.

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