Mitsubishi FOUR-WAY CEILING CASSETTE SLZ Overview – d-airconditioning
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These single- and multi-zone cassettes are designed to fit into a 2’ x 2’ suspended ceiling grid and mounted flush with the ceiling. A four-way air outlet provides maximum comfort by evenly distributing airflow throughout the entire room. The SLZ model is available with an optional 3D i-see Sensor® providing ultimate comfort control.

Fresh-air Intake

A duct hole is provided in the main body, making it possible to intake fresh air from outside. 16-17/32

Energy Efficiency

SEER: up to 22.4

HSPF: up to 12.2

COP: up to 3.9

Sound Levels

As low as 24 db(A)

Built-in Drain Lift

All sizes feature a built-in drain lift mechanism for the removal of condensate. A fail-safe mechanism recognizes a high liquid level in the condensate pan and turns off the indoor fan and the outdoor unit compressor to prevent overflow.

Manufacturer Warranty

10 year manufacturer warranty

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