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The D-Air Way: Our 4 Core Values

Core Values:

We have only 4 core values. They are borrowed from companies that we deeply respect. It is important that our entire team understand these core values and live by them each every day. Notice that profit is not a core value. If we are able to achieve these core values, we will be delivering exceptional value to our customers and to the community. Profit is an outcome of value generation. The adherence to these core values ensures that we always deliver value. In life, you cannot control the output. You can only control the inputs. As Mark Cuban states: “The one thing in life that you can control is your effort”. 

Customer Centric - We exist to serve our customers and have been successful due to our loyal customers. Our entire company is designed to help our customers get the best products and services available at reasonable prices. We are always thinking about new product offerings that help our customers live more comfortably in their home and business.

Build Meaningful Relationships - We are in business for the long-run. Our business philosophy is to build, nurture, and maintain the relationships that we have with our clients, suppliers, employees, and community. Our goal is to build a meaningful experience with everyone that we do business with. We regularly sponsor charities and events for the betterment of our community.

Think Different - We strive to be unique and try things that may different than the industry norm. Our three retail stores in Orange County and our innovative installation processes are some examples of how thinking differently has allowed us to become a market leader. We are comfortable with questioning the status quo and are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Pursuing Perfection - We are a learning organization and always look for ways to make our products and services the best that it can be. We continuously reflect on our business and customer interactions and find ways to get a little better each and every day. We focus on the small details that provide greater value and delight to our customers. It is the pursuit of perfection that drives us to always innovate. In order to innovate, we must continuously educate ourselves. Each person must take charge of further their knowledge and expertise.

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