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Prefabricated Housing

Prefabricated or modular homes offers great flexibility and speed for developers and homeowners. A modular home is built off-site in a factory. This reduces the impact of the construction site and greatly increases speed and efficiency. Some of the advantages of a prefab home are:

1) Time (reduce completion time by up to 50%)

2) Price

3) Strength

4) No outside elements

5) Neighbors (less noise, traffic, and disturbance)

6) Higher safety (factory conditions)

7) Reduced theft and vandalism

8) Greater reliability (better quality assurance)

D-Air Conditioning offers several innovative solutions for prefabricated and modular projects. We are both a wholesaler of the best ductless mini split products on the market and the #1 ductless contractor in California. Our skilled installers can start the construction project in the factory and finish the installation on-site. Our team can finish most projects within 1 week.

If built appropriately, a modular home or multi-family home can have the same high-level finishings and amenities as a stick-built project.