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Repair & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is required in order to ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit is working at tip top performance. A well-maintained system can improve indoor occupancy comfort and reduce your energy bill. We recommend that you perform preventative maintenance every 6 months.

Our maintenance services include: 1) cleaning out debris from your machine, 2) recharging your refrigerant, 3) checking the electrical control board, 4) checking thermostat settings, 5) tightening all electrical connections and measuring voltages, 6) lubricating all moving parts, 7) checking and inspecting the condensate drain, 8) cleaning and adjusting air blower components, and 9) changing our air filters. We offer special maintenance membership to our customers. If you are an enrolled member, we will take care of the maintenance of your system. A technician will visit your home or office every 6 months to ensure that your system is running efficiently so that you can have peace of mind.

If your heating or air conditioning system is not working, our certified professional are here to diagnose and fix your problem. If your machine still has a manufacturer warranty, we help you obtain the part from the manufacturer free of charge.