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Standard Mini Split Installation

All ductless mini split includes an indoor evaporator and an outdoor condenser. The units are connected with a copper lineset through a 2-inch hole. The refrigerant line set allows the indoor unit to pump heat out of the room thus cooling it.


On the outside, we cover the refrigerant linesets with nice white covers that can be painted to match the decor of your house. Each outdoor unit is connected to an electrical disconnect box. The disconnect box allows you to safely cut off power to the unit for servicing and maintenance. The outdoor unit rests on a vibration pad. And finally, a small water line expels excess water that is removed from the air. 


On the inside, you only see the ductless mini split. You can control the temperature of your room with a remote control. 


On some projects, we place the outside unit on a mounting bracket instead at on the ground. We recommend using the bracket when you have limited space on the ground.