Trouble Shooting | Have a problem with your mini split system – d-airconditioning
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Trouble Shooting

Please check the following before filing a warranty claim.

Issue Check Solutions
The air conditioner does not work. Is the unit powered off? Press power button to ON.
Is the unit not plugged in? Insert power plug.
Have you checked the outlet and the fuse box? Replace fuse or use another outlet.
Is it set on the TIMER? Change TIMER setting.
Is the water full indicator on? Drain out the water.
Room not cooling. Is it in the COOL mode? Adjust mode to COOL.
Is the air inlet/outlet blocked? Remove debris.
Is there a source of heat in the room? Remove the heat source.
Are the Filters too dirty? Clean filters.
What temperature is it set for? Adjust Temperature.
Fan speed set at LOW? Select appropriate speed.
Noise too large and shake Is the unit on even level ground? Put the air conditioner on even ground.

Caution When the following abnormalities occur to the air conditioner, shut down the unit and pull out the plug, and contact us.

  • Fuse and switch are often broken.
  • Power line is overheating or the external liner is damaged.
  • The body produces abnormal odor.
  • Error Code Functions

    Detection Codes Meaning
    E2 Room temperature sensor error
    E3 Coil pipe sensor error
    FL Water full status

    Caution When “df” is displayed, the air conditioner is in anti-freezing or defrosting state, and this is a normal phenomenon.