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Daikin FDMQ Conceal Ducted Review

The Daikin FDMQ is a medium static concealed ducted mini split solution. This system provides the best of both worlds, a ductless mini split condenser which uses inverter technology with a ducted and zoned air handler. The low profile of the FDMQ allows it to fit into low ceiling heights and in spaces where other traditional air handlers cannot. By using the ducted system, the FDMQ can be installed in way that it is completely hidden from sight.

1) Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient – Up to 20.2 SEER

Up to 10.6 HSPF

Up to 12.7 EER

2) Operating Temperature

Cooling Range 50° - 115° F 

Heating Range 5° - 65° F

3) Noise Level

Indoor Sound Pressure as low as 25 dB(A)

Outdoor Sound Pressure as Low as 46 dB(A)

4) Air Filtration

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying Filter

5) Anti Corrosion Coating

This system includes a Blue Fin Protection and Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger. This means that the system is suitable for ocean climates and salty air.

6) Warranty

12 Year manufacturer warranty

7) Controls

You can increase the flexibility of the FDMQ systems in both residential and commercial applications by adding a Zoning Box to an indoor unit fan coil.

This system allows several separate ducts to supply air to different individually-controlled zones. The DZK BACnet™ Interface will work with any BACnet/IP compatible Building Management System.



The FDMQ is an amazing product. It is one of the most popular systems for luxury homes. Due to its low profile and zone control capabilities, one Daikin FDMQ system can support several adjacent rooms. If you are looking for a reliable ductless mini split, made by the #1 air conditioning manufacturer in the world, and one that is backed with a 12 year warranty, this is a great option to consider.  

If you are in California and are looking for a reliable Daikin installer, contact our team at D-Air Conditioning. We have offices in San Jose California and Orange County. Our team of Daikin pros are happy to help you through any project.

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