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Daikin Vista Ceiling Cassette Review

1) Energy Efficiency

High efficiencies with up to 20.5 SEER and up to 11.7 HSPF

2) Operating Temperature

Cooling Range 50° - 115° F 

Heating Range 5° - 65° F

3) Noise Level

Indoor Sound Pressure as low as 25 dB(A)

Outdoor Sound Pressure as Low as 46 dB(A)

4) Air Filtration

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying Filter

5) Anti Corrosion Coating

This system includes a Blue Fin Protection and Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger. This means that the system is suitable for ocean climates and salty air.

6) Warranty

12 Year manufacturer warranty

7) Controls

This system can be connected to a wired thermostat or you building management system. There is an option to add on the Daikin Comfort App – Easily control your system from anywhere in the world or the comfort of your living room.



If you are looking for a reliable ductless mini split, made by the #1 air conditioning manufacturer in the world, and one that is backed with a 12 year warranty, this is a great option to consider. This is one of the best looking ceiling cassettes on the market and can seamless blend in with the ceiling tiles. The Daikin Vista unit can be used a single zone or be part of a multizone system.


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