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Mitsubishi Multi Position Ducted Air Handler SVZ / PVA

The Mitsubishi Multi Position Ducted Air Handler system was designed as a one for one replacement for traditional central air conditioner system.

These systems can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.

For the attic space, we would place them horizontally.

For the hallway and garage spaces, we would place them vertically.

1) Capacity

The SVZ comes in 9000 BTU to 36,000 BTU. For those that need a bigger capacity, the PVA comes in 12000 BTU to 42,000 BTU. These systems can directly replace the HVAC system for homes up to 4 tons.

2) Noise level

The ducted air handler are super quiet. The noise level is around 22 dB(A) which is not audible to the normal human being. As a reference, a library is around 40 dB(A). So yes, these units are more quiet than a typical library.

3) Energy efficiency

The Mitsubishi ducted system are available from 18 SEER to 22 SEER. This is significantly more efficient than most central air systems which hovers at 14 SEER.

4) Heat pump capabilities

The Mitsubishi system are heatpumps meaning that they can produce both heating as well as AC with electricity. These systems have an HSPF rating up to 13.6.

5) Variable speed condenser

The ducted mini split systems uses a variable speed inverter condenser. They can auto regulate the heat and cooling capacity for your home, save you extra money on your energy bill, and are super quiet. The advantages of variable inverter technology is significant relative to traditional single stage or two stage scroll compressor technology. Around the world, inverter technology make up more than 80% of the residential HVAC market. 


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