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Trouble Shooting Ductless Mini Split

In this blog post, we will go over the trouble shooting procedure for the ductless mini split. If you are experience problems with your mini split system, please follow the steps below to diagnose your situation.

The most common problems with a mini split are:

1) Filter. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly. A dirty filter will impede air flow and stop the system from delivering cool or warm air.

2) Remote control. The battery needs to be changed after a couple of years. You need to make sure that you are setting the unit in the right mode and that your target temperature is sufficiently high or low enough for the system to turn on. If there is an error code on the remote control or the unit, please let us know. This is the fastest way of diagnosing the problem.

3) Electrical. If your unit is not turning on, the problem can be the electrical. You can go to the panel and reset the breaker and double check the disconnect box and fuses. 

4) Refrigerant. If your system is working but not delivering enough cool or warm air, the problem may be the refrigerant. There is usually an error code with a refrigerant problem. Check the unit and the remote control for an error code.

5) Water leak. If you see water from the indoor unit, make sure to take a video or photo. We will use this to diagnose the problem and find the source of the leak. Some times, the water pump or the condensate line can get clogged which results in a water leak from the inside unit. Water from the condenser is normal. You should expect to see water when using the system in heating mode. When you are using AC, there will be small amounts of water that comes from discharging humidity from your house as part of the unit's cooling operations.

    Based on this information, here is our step-by-step trouble shooting procedure.

    1. Check remote control/indoor display for error codes

    2. Check if unit turns on, if not, problem could be with electrical. Reset the breaker and disconnect box.

    3. Check if the filter is clean.

    4. Check the remote control if the battery is still working. Change out batteries if necessary.

    5. Check mode on the remote control. Make sure it is set to either heating or AC. Turn the fan mode to its highest setting. Some units will have turbo mode for the fan. For heating, set target temperature as high as possible. For cooling, set the target temperature as low as possible.

    6. For multi zone systems, check all indoor are set to the same mode. A heat pump system requires that all the indoor units are set to the same mode.

    If you have followed this troubleshooting procedure but are not able to get your system working, contact the professionals at D-Air Conditioning for help.

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