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Best 115v Ductless Mini Split Units

If you are living in home and are considering a ductless mini split, you might run into the problem with the electrical. Depending upon where your electrical panel is located, you might not be able to get 220v to the location of your ductless mini split. The cost of running electricity around the house and the toll that it will take on the aesthetics of your house may be too much to consider a 220v ductless mini split solution.

Luckily for you, in the United States there are several ductless mini split products that are designed to work with 115v. These units can take power directly from your electrical plug inside your room. Here are the top 5 ductless mini split units that can use 115v.

1. Mitsubishi MSZ-JP

2. Fujitsu 9RL2 and 12RL2

3. Friedrich Floating Air® Select


4. Samsung Novus 115v

5. LG LS120HXV2 / LS090HXV2

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