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Daikin Multizone Ductless Mini Split - A Short Guide

Daikin has a wide variety of multizone ductless mini split solutions. In the blog post, we will provide a short guide on the options available from Daikin so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

Outdoor Condensers

Daikin has three main lines for multizone mini split condensers: 1) MSX, 2) Aurora, 3) VRV IV-S Series.

The most commonly used system for residential and light commercial is the MSX series. These condensers comes in 18k, 24k, 36k, and 48k BTU models. They have up to five ports and can be compatible with several indoor air handler models.

The Aurora system is similar to the MSX except that it is designed to perform well under extreme cool weather. If you are living in Alaska where temperatures dip below zero, you will want to use the Aurora system since it can produce heat even at subzero outdoor temperatures. In California, there is never any conditions where you would use this system.

The VRV IV-S Series are a light commercial application product. They are used in situations where a 5 zone condenser is not enough. The VRV products are typically twice as expensive as the MSX units. Economically, it is not viable to use the VRV IV-S Series except for in rare situations where it is required. In California, we mostly use the MSX series for the multizone heatpump condensers.

Daikin Emura

 The Daikin Emura is the go to option for the highwall ductless mini split air handler. There are other options available from Daikin but they look more dated and do not have the same functionality as aesthetics as the Emura.

Daikin Vista

The Daikin Vista is a go to solution for the ceiling cassette. This stylish system works well in spaces that need more air flow. The dimensions of these systems is around 24 inches by 24 inches.


The Daikin FTXS/CTXS is an economical high wall system. It has few features than the Emura system and has a more dated look. But this system has been proven to be reliable and is commonly used in Japan.

Daikin FDMQ

The Daikin FDMQ is a medium static ducted air handler. This system can feed air directly into your room or be routed with ductwork. The medium static air flow allows this system to deliver airflow to up to 4 ducted lines. These are ideal for smaller homes that are 1000 sqft or less which require just one 24k BTU system. For larger homes, you can use a two or three zone system.

These systems can be hanged in the ceiling and are used in new construction homes where the ceiling is very important. They are the lowest profile systems in the ceiling and are ideal for customers that do not like the look of the high wall units. They can be connected to regular grilles and registers or they can be connected to luxurious linear grilles and hidden linear grilles.


The Daikin FDXS/CDXS functions in the same way as the Daikin FDMQ. This is a low static system which delivers less airflow than the FDMQ. The one benefit of this system is that it is smaller than the FDMQ and can therefore fit in spaces where the FDMQ cannot. 

Overall the Daikin multizone system is very flexible. One multizone condenser can connect up to 5 zones. You can mix and match these indoor air handlers. You local HVAC contractor can help you design a system that fits your specific needs.

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