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Mitsubishi Mini Split Lineup for Residential Projects - What is available and what we normally recommend

Mitsubishi is the market leader in ductless mini split products in the United States. If you have heard about the mini split, you most likely have heard about Mitsubishi. As the first Japanese company to sell their HVAC products in the US in the 1980s, Mitsubishi has had a multi decade head start versus other Japanese companies. They offer excellent products and have a much larger catalogue of offers than anyone else in the market. If you are looking for a Mitsubishi system you may be overwhelmed by the options available. In this video we will break down all the residential offerings from Mitsubishi so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

Mitsubishi offers four main types of units.

  1. Wall mount 
  2. Ceiling cassette
  3. Floor mount
  4. Ducted air handler
  5. Horizontal ducted


By far, the most common product that we install from Mitsubishi are the high wall units. These are the easiest to install, maintain, and are the least expensive HVAC offering from Mitsubishi.

The wall mounted mini splits can be classified into three categories.

  1. Multizone systems
  2. Single zone 220v systems
  3. Single zone 115v systems

Each of these systems have different applications and are used in different situations. We will start first with the multizone system. For the multizone system, you have three options.

  1. MSZ-FS
  2. MSZ-EF
  3. MSZ-GL

The MSZ-FS and MSZ-EF are the top of the line multizone indoor units offered by Mitsubishi. We typically use the MSZ-FS model. Some customers prefer the look of the MSZ-EF model. The two are mostly equivalent and the main difference is the look and the MSZ-FS has the extra functionality of the i-see sensor which detects the heat of the occupants in the room. 

MSZ-GL model is the economy multizone mini split offering from Mitsubishi. We recommend using this for customers that want the Mitsubishi system but are on a budget.

For the 220v single zone models, you have a lot of options.

  1. MSZ-FS (6,000 to 18,000 BTU)
  2. MSZ-GL (6,000 to 24,000 BTU)
  3. MSZ-HM (9,000 to 24,000 BTU)
  4. MSZ-WR (9,000 to 24,000 BTU)
  5. MSZ-GZ (30,000 to 36,000 BTU)
  6. PKA (12,000 to 36,000 BTU)

The first four options are used for residential applications. Each model has a few different features, different looks, and different SEER rating. The MSZ-GZ and PKA are designed for commercial applications. We typically use the 30,000 or the 36,000 mini split options for restaurants, nail salons, and retail spaces.

In most homes, getting 220v is very difficult and expensive. For select applications, we use the MSZ-JP model. This 16 SEER unit is available in the 9000 and 12000 BTU only and can use 115v electrical.

The second product category from Mitsubishi Electric is the ceiling cassette. If you are considering the ceiling cassette, here are your options.

  1. MLZ EZ Fit
  2. Four Way Ceiling SLZ
  3. Four Way Ceiling PLA


The MLZ ceiling cassette is a Mitsubishi innovation. This is the first ceiling cassette in the United States that can fit in between 18 inches joist. Most American homes have ceiling joists that are 18 inches off center and therefore this system is ideal for residential projects. 


The Four way SLZ is another residential product. The width of this ceiling cassette is 24 inch by 24 inches. The PLA is very similar to the SLZ. The P Series are professional grade products and are more expensive than the SLZ models.


We have never installed a ceiling suspended PCA unit yet. I am not sure if there is a market for these units in the United States. In Japan, these units are used for classrooms and some meeting rooms. Given the fact you will see the unit on the ceiling, it would make more sense to use the SLZ or MLZ model rather than the PCA product.

The floor mounted unit is also an odd product by Mitsubishi. The product is quite expensive and installing a unit on the floor takes up more space than installing it on the wall. As far as I know, there is a limited market for these products in the United States.

For the ducted air handler, you have two options.

  1. SVZ
  2. PVZ

Both products serve the same purpose. The PVZ is the professional grade product and is available in a larger size than the SVZ. The PVZ unit is 18 SEER while the SVZ unit is 20 SEER. 

These products are designed to be a direct one to one replacement for traditional central heating and air conditioning systems. The SVZ and PVZ models can fit in the same space as your existing furnace or heat pump air handler. I believe that the future of central air conditioning for single family homes will be these ducted air handler systems. They offer the benefits of the mini split inverter technology while being able to fit in with your existing duct system.

The final product category that Mitsubishi offers is the horizontal ducted mini split models.

Here you have two choices the

  1. SEZ
  2. PEAD

These two products are similar in size and functionality. The SEZ models are low static units and available in 9000 to 15000 BTU. Low static refers to how much air flow that the air handler can produce. The PEAD models are medium static and available from 9000 to 42000 BTU. These units are available in both the single zone and multizone configuration. 

They are installed in the ceiling and are connected to a short duct network and supply grilles. They are ideal for zoning in houses with a few small rooms next to each other. 

Overall Mitsubishi has a large number of product offerings. 

  1. Wall mount 
  2. Ceiling cassette
  3. Floor mount
  4. Ducted air handler
  5. Horizontal ducted

They have lots of choices and you can use them for almost every HVAC situation ranging from single family homes to apartments to luxury homes. Keep in mind that in 2018 Mitsubishi Electrical formed a joint venture with Trane. All the Mitsubishi, Trane, and American Standard mini split products are exactly the same. The label might be different but they are the same products. 

If you are in the market for Mitsubishi ductless mini split products and are located in California. Please consider working with D-Air. We have the most experience with ductless technologies and specialize in ductless mini split products. We have retail stores located in Orange County California and San Jose California. Our team is happy to answer any and all questions that you have.

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